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I believe in the innate capability 

of creativity to connect and heal.




  • Facilitation


I am an experienced workshop leader and facilitator, having worked with many different groups to build confidence, increase creativity, build stronger bonds, and learn about specific subjects and topics.


I have worked in schools, care homes, and youth clubs, I have worked with vulnerable groups in the community and I have worked with businesses. My approach is human based and person led, I pride myself on my ability to create spaces where people feel safe, valued and confident. I use a mix of techniques in my workshops, always working in response to the people I am working with, their individual needs and the aims of the workshop. Some of the tools I use are drama games and techniques, yoga, creative movement and creative writing and speech.

  • Outside Eye


As an outside eye I am not coming to direct your work but to support you in the creation of your work with your vision. 


I believe strongly in the importance of each creator being able to be led by their own aims, but I have realised first hand, both as a creator and outside eye, that the support of another creative in the space to question, encourage and guide is of huge importance and it is something I love to do. My aim when I come into a creation/rehearsal room is always to open a space that encourages and supports people to follow their ideas and make the most of their unique skills and abilities. I aim to support people to see their work in new ways, reflecting new possibilities and visions, whilst always staying true to the work people are inspired to make.

  • Performance


I have been performing since the age of 12 and working as a performer since 2013, my experience allows me a deep understanding of the numerous and ever exciting nuances of performance, and how these vary depending on the method or medium of performance being used.


I have performed in many different settings in a variety of styles including small intimate performance, outdoors, large scale touring shows, festivals, on stage and film, to adults and children. I bring a genuine and passionate energy to any creation room, always keen to play and explore alongside the people I am working with. I work well alone and as part of a team, always motivated and compassionate in all my interactions and work.


Hello, I'm Willow...

I am dedicated to, and passionate about, all the work I do as a performer, performance maker, outside eye and workshop facilitator, I am driven by the discovery, exploration, creation and display of performance in all its forms.

I deeply believe in the possibility of theatre to make change in the world and in people’s personal lives, both by creating, performing and viewing.

In everything I do I work in a way that inspires, pushes expectations and respects boundaries, bringing people together to play, explore and create – always making space for the individual.

All aspects of my work feed and complement each other – my years of experience as a performer allow me to deeply understand performance from a very personal perspective and understand first hand it’s healing qualities, my experience of creating my own work allows me to assist others to create work, opening spaces for them to see their own performance in new ways and my years of experience as a workshop facilitator, community volunteer and youth worker have given me the skills to see, encourage and nourish other people’s skills and abilities in a compassionate and understanding way.

Through the variety of my work I have been lucky enough to work with a wide range of ages and many different groups in society, which has offered me the ability to connect with all people in a genuine and compassionate manner - I am a people focused person and believe that at the core of all things is the human being, I work by this principal in everything I do - meaning I focus on the human experience in the work I make and the work I facilitate. 

My wark
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“I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.”

~ Oscar Wilde


Moments from my work...


“Theatre is a form of knowledge; it should and can also be a means of transforming society. Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it.

~ Augusto Boal


Highlights from my work and projects...

1: My work as a community theatre facilitator and director 
2: Video commissioned by Bristol Beacon about my practice and my work.
3: Show reel of performance work. 4: Facilitation project video
5: Monologue show reel. 6: A short artistic movement project 


Quotes & Reviews

Theatre Workshop

Creative Youth Network, Bristol

Quote By: Siobhan Davis


Willow’s workshops are amazing!! She engages even the most disengaged young people effortlessly and provides them with a professional yet relaxed environment. All our young people thoroughly enjoyed every session she has provided and always ask for her to return.

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